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"Kotin koti  vandana Paawan Shri Charnar,
 Augunhara daas hai, Baksho Mere  Dataar."

 Bol Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Gurumaharaj Ki Jai.

 Satguru Pooja.

In this materialistic perishable world, people are crying for satisfaction of their endless physical desires.  This is a wrong concentration for worldly things; people are wasting their very precious human breaths in concentrating for things which are automatically offered by a normal effort as per deeds in past births.

Seeing miserable condition of human, SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G with his kind grace has opted to come and live in this materialistic world to guide and support Souls by HIS kind and spiritually powerful Super Soul. We all very well understand that SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G is very kind and strong Spiritual Power available to support our meditation practice and all methods of meditation are simplified and blessed for us. This blessing is a very rare opportunity available. We must use it to coincide our departed soul with GOD without any delay.
We are among very few fortunate ones who are in a position to understand the in-depth reality of wrong desires. Only gurmukhjans understand the importance of true wealth and try to acquire it. True Saints have revealed that souls in human birth  achieves four major things. A) `Dharam` means spiritual achievement; B) `Arth` means financial achievement; C) `Kaam` means physical comfort achievement; and D; `Moksha` means salvation. It has been explained that `B` and `C` are fixed and pre determined as per deeds of past births, whereas `A` and `D` require effort for achievements. Due to lack of faith and knowledge, man remains on striving for `B` and `C`.  Natural atmosphere also tries to confuse him. Generally priorities are deviated in such a way that our prayer and meditation schedule is shortened/postponed.
For awakening purpose  Our SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G very kindly remain on organizing Satsang and Sewa programme so that our goal about attachment of our soul with GOD is not delayed. HE also remain on blessing us for our good, healthy, peaceful and wealthy life.  Only because we have surrendered ourselves to HIM  and He wishes us to comfortably concentrate on bhajan-bhakti even while performing worldly duties. If we follow sincerely, our soul coincides with the Super Soul   ( GOD ) in shortest time .

Blessings are showering on every gurmukh but only those premis are best benefited who receive special attention of SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G by their faith, prayer, and strong desire for attainment of true Mission.
In a sea when fisherman puts his net, many fishes are trapped. Most of them accept that there is no way for survival. They leave all hopes and surrender to death. Some of them try to come out of net by jumping out but are not successful. Very few are smart and energetic enough to make a very high jump and come out of net.

Similarly due to our character built by our many past births, we are trapped in the hands of `kaal`. Our behavior of lust, greed, and many similar desires distances us from our true goal. With faith and practice, spiritual power of SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G convert ourselves into enlightened souls. Like smart fishes we can also perform a high jump and attain true freedom. It is attainable only if we have deep blessings of our beloved SGMG.

To attain SHRI GURU MAHARAJ G`s kind focus on us, we don’t require any huge investment. It just requires our sincere faith and heartedly prayer alongwith Niyams as per Shri Aagya at regular timings.

Sant Tulsi Dasji has said;-
"Ek bharosa,  Ek bal,  Ek aas,   biswaas,
  Swati boond Satguru vachan, sewak Tulsidas. "
Means for all hopes, powers, and faiths , Tulsidas Ji has one affirmative faith on Satgurudev, like bird Chatak, who has the only faith on rain water drop for survival. Now chatak survives and gurmukhjan also always wins if have a confirmed strong belief on Shri Vachan. 

Deep faith has done miracles to many past devotees. Few examples are, Maharishi Balmiki Ji, who by true faith attained a very high spiritual goal ever when medicating on reverse Naam. Dhanna Jatt was successful in pleasing GOD by his faithful pooja of broken flour mill disc he prayed with a belief that it is GOD. There are many such examples known to every body.

Heartiest Thanks.

Writing this article is a childish effort with THY blessings. I heartedly beg to apologize for all mistakes. 

Bolo Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Gurumaharaj Ki Jai. 

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